Our mission is pure and simple: to bring schooners and people interested in schooners together in a spirit of community and camaraderie to enjoy each others vessels and company at a wonderful location. The Rendezvous is open to all schooners and all members of the American Schooner Association, regardless of the type of boat sailed.

When and Where


August 26-27, 2019

Payne's Dock
Great Salt Pond
133 Ocean Avenue
Block Island, RI 02807

41.18127 N, 71.5744 W

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Mystic Whaler will once again serve as "flagship" for the rendezvous, hosting the following events. If you wish to host an event of some kind on your vessel, let us know!

 Monday, August 26
 Schooners arrive at Payne's (if you haven't arrived early)
 1800: Lobster Dinner aboard Mystic Whaler, courtesy of John and Pat
 2000: Sea shanty concert with Geoff Kaufman aboard Mystic Whaler.
 2100: Shanty sing following concert. Bring your instruments and voices!
 Tuesday, August 27
 Breakfast aboard Mystic Whaler, courtesy of John and Pat
 Schooners depart Payne's (or stay longer, Block Island is a great place to hang around!)

While at Payne's, be sure to check out Mahogany Shoals for a drink and to enjoy the music.


Payne's has once again given us a very special rate of $2.50/ft LOA for the rendezvous. Payment will be made directly to Payne's. If you prefer not to dock at Payne's, just grab a mooring or anchor out and "small boat in" for the festivities!


For more information or to let us know you are planning on coming to the rendezvous contact:

Paul Gray
Captain John Eginton

if you are charter boat carrying paying passengers, please contact us if you are interested in joining the dinner and breakfast aboard Mystic Whaler.